Skillshare: can you really learn anything?

Skillshare: can you really learn anything?

Hey people,

I bet any influencer you watched, post on the internet or advertisement you've seen mentioned something about Skillshare.

It's the place where you can literally learn any skill thanks to high-quality courses. You gain access with a single subscription for $32 a month or $168 per year. You can basically imagine it like YouTube, but every video is actually split into multiple recordings that add up to 6 hours of a course.

Most of them guarantee a good quality – there are literal Skillshare originals, which often got made in cooperation with a content creator. But, just after some weeks of owning the subscription myself, I noticed the boundaries.

In most topics that aren't directly promoted by the platform, the courses become low-quality 20-hour videos where a person just improvises. The other kind is those low-effort animation videos which try to seem professional but only use stock animation presets basically.

I find the platform perfect for people with self-pace learning intentions. If you want to learn a creative skill or how to manage your money responsibly, then you're in the right place.

A gigantic recommendation are the courses by Ali Abdaal about productivity. They are pretty short but life changing when it comes to working efficiently.

Skillshare also offers learning paths, which basically give you multiple courses to create a really rounded up foundation in a specific area.

But it's critical to mention that it's essential to be consistent in the usage of the platform, or it won't be worth the money. I can assure you, it's difficult to finish a 2-hour course. 5 hours and above need a lot of commitment to finish.

But if I'm honest, YouTube offers many educational videos on similar topics, so that should always be the first library to look into before you go premium.

Education is not something expensive, there is so much free knowledge on the internet. Fetching it might be a bit more disorganized if you don't have it all collected in a single premium course. Everyone should decide for themselves what option to choose.

Anyway, that's all I have to say this time. Always consider books. They are pretty underrated in younger generations. They won't cost as much and are free to get from your local library. I would rather not prevent you from getting Skillshare, though. But always consider that you already kind of have a less premium Skillshare:

YouTube + wider internet

See you in my next post :)