Hello! I'm a creative and ambitious Student from Germany. I'm still learning a lot and haven't really found my big thing yet. I've already learned many different skills, or at least got an introduction to them.

I have a lot of experience in:

  • Video Editing 🎬
  • Making Music 🎸

I'm decent at:

  • Music Production (FL Studio) 🎵
  • Writing 📖
  • Photoshop 📷
  • Coding (Python 3) 🐍
  • Front-End Development 💻

It's important to mention that I made some money with my first 2 mentioned skills, and I'm actively trying to improve the other ones. I do have even more hobbies, like volleyball 🏐 or Chess. But they aren't that significant to mention.

This part of the website is still a work in progress. But I don't want the default description here, so I made this one for the meantime.