GPT4 and Bing, two opportunities you shouldn't miss.

GPT4 and Bing, two opportunities you shouldn't miss.
Photo by DeepMind / Unsplash

Hey friends,

it's unclear to me why I'm writing about AI so much lately. Ok, it's not, artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly, and big life-changing tools get released monthly. It's surely a wild time to be alive, so I'm eager to elaborate on new opportunities and what you should be aware of.

I don't know if you already heard the official news because it's confirmed that GPT-4 will be literally released in the next seven days. That's actually crazy, being aware that ChatGPT currently is already such a damn useful tool, I can't imagine how much work is saved with GPT-4. Now, a transition from GPT3.5 Turbo to GPT-4 might not seem impressive. Whereas it's actually rumored that it's going to be 1000 times better if you compare the parameters.

Now, don't think I'm from yesterday. I'm aware of the viral rumors that were once going around when it came to the difference in the number of parameters between GPT-3 and GPT-4 back in January.

The right most is the rumor that was called bogus by the OpenAI CEO himself

But now it's confirmed that the upcoming release will indeed be GPT-4, and we can expect some major improvements in terms of language processing capabilities. With a reported 13 trillion parameters (not like the image shows), this new model is expected to revolutionize the field of natural language processing, allowing machines to better understand and process human language than ever before.

If you're still only using ChatGPT to write funny stories occasionally, it's time to step up your game and start taking advantage of its capabilities. So many people are wasting their time on tasks that can easily be automated with ChatGPT – don't be one of them! Get ready to supercharge your learning and take advantage of this exciting new technology.

Another Opportunity – Bing

I never thought that I would ever say this; Bing is flipping wonderful. If you haven't joined the waitlist yet, do it! About 2 weeks ago, I got access to the other hot piece of AI and I have to say, especially research is remarkable. The AI seems to know everything on the internet. Admittedly, I almost puked when I noticed that Microsoft prioritizes a customer in the waitlist if they set their Windows system to the standards.

Bing conversations have a 10 message limit though, so you won't be able to have long debates about a certain topic like with ChatGPT

It's pretty disappointing to see Microsoft making a move like this. As if the amount of spying they do on Windows users wasn't enough, now they're taking away the last bit of privacy we have by disabling certain buttons. It's clear that they prioritize the company's interests over their customers'.

But enough about the company's questionable tactics. On a brighter note, you can now send as many messages as you want to Bing AI, which is a nice improvement. The previous message limit always felt a bit restrictive to me, so this is a welcome change.

Anyway, I've got some book reviews coming up soon, thanks to my new Kindle! It's really cool and has made reading a lot more enjoyable for me. One of the books that's on its way is actually quite long, so it'll probably take me a few weeks to finish it. But it's definitely worth the read – it's fascinating, and dare I say, even a bit of an “evil” book.

Have a nice Sunday :)