ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus
Photo by Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

Hey friends,

yes, my family has ChatGPT Plus. It's the $20 a month premium subscription which just go released by open Ai last week. I have to admit, I have literally been checking the news and requesting for pilot demos of the premium versions from day one the concept got announced, but turns out applying didn't get my anywhere. Instantaneously, everybody could get the new ChatGPT plus, which was called ChatGPT Pro before, incidentally.

Well, according to OpenAI, the premium version offers:

Available even when demand is high

That is true, I never saw the ChatGPT is at capacity right now Error ever again.

Faster response speed

Accurate as well, ChatGPT instantly starts writing new messages after you asked something and writes as rapid as it did 1 month ago, which is pretty fast.

Priority access to new features

The point I underestimated the most because this is actually the most interesting. For example, ChatGPT instantly started to offer different Models to use before asking something. So, about 3 days ago, you were able to select a “Turbo” Model, which is now the standard.

As a side note, this is the GUI of ChatGPT plus (Source: me)

An interesting thing to mention is the development of ChatGPT over the course of 49 days. It reached 1 Million users in 5 days, and 100 million at the end of January. It also was able to do much more back then because filters or heavy moderation weren't applied. It was easy to trick ChatGPT and make it write malicious things. Of course telling it to write an erotic story didn't work, but just adding that it should write a script that prints out an erotic story instantly made it do what you told it, for example.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, we can note down 2 important things from the development of ChatGPT. Logically, in the following days:

  • The speed and availability of ChatGPT will probably decrease, because of the growing number of users.
  • The creativity of the AI will diminish, and response quality will be lowered.
  • With the increase in users and popularity, ChatGPT will become more mainstream, and less could be produced thanks to the AI because of some new law or checking tools to make sure you work as you “are supposed to”

What does this tell us? Act now, if you don't have an OpenAI account, make one as soon as possible because this tool will lose a lot of quality in the following months, though it could also improve, as ChatGPT 4 and other smaller updates are on the horizon. I hope you already head that the 100 Trillion parameters myth is a massive lie and that GPT4 won't be groundbreaking, but it can still be very intriguing to use and observe.

Additionally, it's critical to keep the new Google chatbot in mind. It might make a strong alternative.

Well, I hope you found my thoughts and small recap on the trendy chatbot useful. Many people say that the Chatbot will lose a lot of relevance when the hype will die down a bit, and I wonder if that will be the future. I'm just amazed that some people still don't know this AI.  Really, use it to research, produce and improve.

Thanks for reading this far and have a beautiful Sunday. :)