My thoughts on Blogs nowadays

My thoughts on Blogs nowadays
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Hey friends,

let's face it, blogs are dead. The fact doesn't make me sad or anything, but I can't really brag with the number of people who read my particular blog. Blogs were a good business model around 8 years ago when they really blew up. People who had one since the beginning of Web 2.0 literally had millions of readers and made mountains of money.

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Just the fact about nowadays, especially 2023 is, that nobody reads stuff on the internet anymore. You sometimes read news, but that's it. So as I said blogs are dead. If you want to reach more people, then you have to make videos, be it YouTube or TikTok. Both platforms are the stuff, especially Gen-Z consumes.

Then why do you have a blog?

Well, there are multiple reasons why I still have a blog that gets a new post consistently on Sunday:

  1. I want a personal website.  The provider of this website,, made it straightforward to create a decent personal website. It's a good benefit that you can connect with like-minded people, and have a hub about yourself of some sorts. Though, I'm not satisfied with this website, and I will do something about it in the future. Ghost makes it hard for me to heavily customize this website because I don't pay them enough money for that -.-
  2. It's a good way to practice writing. Even though I'm able to edit videos, my only current profession to make money is writing. My job requires me to write German, and this blog makes me write English consistently. I find it to be beneficial in any field, to be able to formulate fluent text. Copywriting is a very lucrative job.
  3. I inform some people. Even though not many read this blog, I still inspired some people to better themselves or try out new habits or perspectives. I was always happy to recommend books, but writing self-help posts is tiring. It's always the same, at least kind of, and I want to do something new.
  4. To document my progress towards my personal goals. This is where my blog failed a bit until now. I found myself to be more private about my personal accomplishments, and never really shared them here, even though I should. That might still happen in the future, but I also often feel like I don't have something interesting enough to tell.

This website is just part of a long process to build a decent network, and I document more personal progression soon, instead of recommending to meditate or something similar. Oh, and also, a new YouTube channel is in the making too.

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And by the way, I'm sick again, that's why this blog is a bit of a shortie. Still, I wish you a wonderful day and consider checking out my other posts!