This new Tool saves you so much time

This new Tool saves you so much time
Salva F. Ayala - Pexels

Hey lads,

have you heard the news? OpenAI just released something called ChatGBT. It's conversational artificial intelligence that you can use for free online! You only need to sign up with an account, and you get instant access to this wonderful new application.

I'm not certain how long it will stay online, but I hope it won't disappear anytime soon. If you don't know what ChatGBT is, it's basically a person you can chat with online, but the person is literally all-knowing until 2021, and will do anything for you at crazy speed. I will just ask ChatGBT if I need ideas for a new blog post that should include life advice or tech.

You could also ask it to write a blog post on a specific topic. But, I wouldn't do that because one of the main intentions of this blog is to strengthen my English writing.

This crazy cool AI has so much more to offer, so I will give you some ways to get the most out of ChatGBT.

  1. As a source of information: You can ask it questions about a wide range of topics, and it will do it's best to provide accurate and reliable information.
  2. As a language tutor: If you want to fortify your language skills, you can ask it to explain grammar rules or provide examples of correct usage.
  3. As a writing coach: You can ask it for feedback on your writing, including help with grammar, style, and content.
  4. As a research assistant: If you are working on a project and need help finding information, you can ask it to assist you with research.
  5. As a problem solver: If you are struggling with a problem and don't know where to turn, you can ask it for guidance and suggestions for possible solutions / it can bug fix your code and explain how it did it.
  6. As a sounding board: If you are trying to decide or are dealing with a difficult situation, you can ask it for support and advice.
  7. As a virtual conversation partner: If you want to practice your conversation skills or just want to chat, you can ask it questions or start a conversation with me.
  8. As a virtual study partner: If you are preparing for an exam or are trying to learn something new, you can ask it to help you study or to quiz you on material.
  9. As a virtual mentor: If you are looking for guidance or advice on your career or personal development, you can ask it for support and suggestions.
  10. As a source of inspiration: If you are seeking ideas or inspiration for a project or goal, you can ask it for suggestions or examples of what others have done in similar situations.
  11. As a Linux Terminal: If you don't have VirtualBox or just want a simulated Linux shell, then just ask it to be one.

While still being in school, this tool saves so much time on useless homework. It can also save your ass when you forgot it and don't want to copy from someone else. It can also do some bits of interpretation or improve phrases or texts you paste into the chatting window. And most importantly, you can let it write any story for you whilst you define the rules.

Well, I highly recommend that you check out ChatGBT, just click the button at the bottom to sign up. If start integrating ChatGBT into your work, then I can guarantee that it will save you some hours.