My first Job!

My first Job!

Hey people,

this will be a shortie because I'm enjoying my vacation. (Edit 7 days later: turns out whilst writing this blog, I started feeling symptoms which later turn out to be Covid-19) Even if it's not cold yet, I will ski a bit and hopefully break no bones. Still, this small post is about a little milestone I've reached.

I've got my first job! Stunningly, it's not the local retail like I planned to make €12 an hour, which would be completely fine. I just kind of want to unlock the ability to grind for money with my time, even if the money isn't much.

My job is actually something I am already well-experienced in: influencer.

The Reasons I got picked were all my already acquired skills + a part of my identity. I already discussed high-income skills, and as I proclaimed, my boss was pretty hyped after he heard that I have a lot of experience in writing (which I acquire through this blog) and video editing.

I'm going to test out gaming products (mostly headphones) and write articles about it + move up to the video tech reviewer layer. I'm actually independent and can probably influence the value of my job completely myself, which is wonderful!

I do want to do a business that created value passively, yes. But how the heck am I going to do that only with a bit of savings and future pocket money? Gosh, I really had to move my ass to get a job.

Now I'm really hyped to start and gain my first online job experience. Furthermore, a massive thanks to my dad to make that opportunity possible in the first place. And even if I don't have to, a small, please excuse such a short post today.

Maybe try getting a job yourself, especially when you're young. Making an extra €50 at the end of the week with good old 4 hours of work can be huge.

Anyway, have a lovely day and consider checking out other blog posts that you haven't read yet ;)