Gen Z Should Read This Book

Gen Z Should Read This Book
Photo by Indrajeet Choudhary / Unsplash

Hey friends,

I read another book after the Millionaire Fastlane. It is called the subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson.

It's a very bold and funny self-help book to basically do what the title says. Give less f*cks about things that really aren't worth it. Setting the right values in your life is also a big subject in that book. And all in all, I recommend it as much as the other books I've presented here.

It's a really juicy and compact 200-page book without that much text on every page, so you'll read it pretty quickly.

I will shortly try to summarize some important lessons, but I encourage you to try to get your hands on that book yourself. Subsequently, I'm going to deep dive into a short mentioning that I find to be especially significant to realize for Gen Z people like myself.

Short summary

  • The book invites the reader to embrace more rejection and embrace negative thinking.
  • Not giving a f*ck is about caring for something more significant than your shortcomings or what you don't possess, and being comfortable being different.