High-Income Skills: the biggest advantage in adulthood?

High-Income Skills: the biggest advantage in adulthood?

Hey friends,

I really struggled to find some ideas for the next blog post, but then I remembered the thing I decided to spend some time on this week. It's an edit of the clips my friend sent me, who's excellent at the game called Valorant.

A short scene from the edit with some really hard to make lighting effects

I have been editing for some time now and have gained a lot of experience with the topic. The snowball started rolling down the hill when I wanted to make a YouTube channel. The Internet makes it easy for children to start learning skills like editing at a young age. I wasn't aware that I was learning one of the most sought after skills in the market!

But why?

Every brand is desperate for content. Organic marketing and every effective advertisement you've seen is probably a video. If you can also edit videos, it's a nice attribute to have when applying to any digital company. Heck, by writing this blog I'm developing another high-income skill, which is being able to write fantastic text. (But I'm still very inexperienced)

There are other High-income skills to learn like software development, copywriting, sales, web design etc. But what I really try to get into your head is that it's never too late to start developing one of those skills. By going on Facebook, you can instantly find many gigs to attend to.

Especially when you are young, if one of your hobbies is a well-paid skill, then expect to earn plenty when being an adult and getting the job you want.

But where do I get the knowledge?

Just google it, it's that simple. If you're starting out with web design, then I would recommend looking for the term on YouTube. There are tons of different “courses” or short tutorials. Some CEOs began to assert that university is increasingly irrelevant because you can learn so much from YouTube.

Don't think you have to be professional to offer that skill to other people. One of the most important things to learn when offering your services to other people online is that mastery is not necessary.

There are also courses that can be taken offline or online, but they usually cost something and are rarely worth it. I have a Skillshare subscription, however if I'm honest, it didn't teach me as much as YouTube University.

Consider freelancing

A lot of experience and quick money can be earned on the internet, especially before you start your career by becoming a freelancer. I'm actually wondering why I haven't been trying to make some money with my editing skills. (I mean I did but not with the Fiverr way)

But freelancing is also a good long-term solution because you can control your income.


Learn a high-income skill right now! It might be a lot of effort, but it's a very solid long-term advantage. And, if you haven't already done so, you should check to see if you already possess one and then expand your knowledge in it to achieve the professional level.

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