The positive effects of cold showers

The positive effects of cold showers
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Hey friends.

Today's theme is a simple yet effective habit. It increases your discipline and helps with weight loss. Obviously, I'm talking about cold showers. The thing I hate most when waking up, but love afterwards.

The issue with warm showers

I absolutely despise mornings and waking up. Getting to work as a teen is very unpleasant and requires a lot of will power. It's always so freezing cold and the fatigue feels like a heavy metal chain to carry around. I also disliked showering in the morning. I didn't do it frequently, but when it actually happened, it felt good as the warm water ran down my body. The issue was that the warm water basically meant that I got my warm blanket again. Consequently, getting out of the shower is like getting out of bed, and it is even colder.

Consider this,

cold showers are the perfect solution. I am not referring to waking up in the morning and walking to the shower just to turn it to the coldest temperature and enduring the pain that is caused by the insanely cold water. I'm not a viking nor Wim Hof. What I do, is step into the shower and set the temperature to around the middle because that's already slightly cold for me when waking up. Then, I turn it up the moment the refreshing cold water becomes pleasant and warm.

After no more than 40 seconds, I'm already at the coldest setting. It doesn't hurt, but it's still freezing, resultantly, I count down 10-15 seconds, and fly out of the shower when I finished.

You know how amazing it feels to step out of a cold shower? The air feels warm even tough you're naked. You feel energized and awake, ready to work and start off the day!

It's actually the most healthy way to start off the day.

Taking a warm shower is almost procrastination. You get instant pleasure, but also be ready to endure freezing to death afterwards. Cold showers, however, feel refreshing when you're used to them. Furthermore, you won't freeze to death, and actually feel warm compared to the surrounding air.

The advantages of cold showers are scientifically proven. It's a good habit because it improves your blood circulation, which makes you feel more energetic and less fatigued.

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Should you start having cold showers?

Hell yes, seriously. Showers in the morning are essential for good hygiene, and I guarantee that you will love cold showers after making them your habit. What I haven't mentioned is that cold showers also have a mental aspect. It's really healthy to do something uncomfortable in the morning. Life isn't always nice, and taking the easy way out every time is not the best plan. If you get used to suffering a bit in the morning, then it will be easier to suffer when going to the gym or makes you more endurable to stress, for example.

The best way to start

I suggest slowly lowering the temperature of your normal showers and having a goal temperature you aim for over the course of a few weeks.

I began showering in the morning and aimed to end at 40% temperature. Then, I slowly lowered my goal as I mentioned. It only took me 2 weeks to get to a temperature of zero at the end of my showers.

A small tip:

Consider lowering the temperature as soon as you can. Sure, then the change won't be as strong if you wait until your current setting feels warm. The downside to that is that you will feel cold when stepping out of the shower, even if you have gotten used to the 0% temperature. This is because your body temperature will have lowered significantly because you showered with icy water for such a long time.

Anyways, I wish you the best on your cold shower adventure and strongly recommend to at least try it once, and also consider checking out my other blogs. Moreover, subscribing to my newsletter would make sure that you never miss out on a new blog.

Well, see you next time.