5 excellent Books to get smarter

5 excellent Books to get smarter
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Hey friends,

I actually planned to make a top 5 list, but all the books I will talk about are pretty equal. I already read some of those books or started to read them. The ones I didn't read still made it here thanks to their popularity. They all appear in top X lists somewhere else, I can guarantee that.

Starting off with the book I'm currently reading:

1: Daniel Kahneman – Thinking fast and slow

That book, written by a Nobel Prize winner in economics, really offers numerous results from experiments about human biases and tendencies. You get to know 2 Systems: System 1, your intuition, and system 2, your lazy but rational conscious mind. Unfortunately, the text isn't that easy to read, plus the book is 400 pages long. Still, can recommend it to everyone who wants to know about factors that might influence your decisions subconsciously. It helps with life and economics.

2: Robert Greene – The 48 Laws of Power

Even though the cover might look a bit weirdly designed, never underestimate people who really understood that book. They probably know how to influence you and keep control because that publication can really give you an advantage in life.

The facts of all those chapters, the 48 laws, they are essential to understand if you're desperate for reaching your goals. I haven't read this book yet, but I surely have to.

3: Robert Greene – The Laws of Human Nature

Oh my god, same author, who would have guessed. The laws of human nature offers a lot to change your perspective of human behavior and notice your flaws. Especially, leaders gain a lot by reading this book, and you will probably too.

The book also helps you understand why people do what they do and how to use common tendencies to your advantage, for example in relationships, at work or in life generally.

4: Sun Tzu – The Art of War

This book might seem ancient and mostly revolves about military advice, but actually, all the quotes plus information actually translate into strategies for your life or your company. It's worth mentioning that this book might increase your wisdom more than your actual intelligence.

5: Bill Bryson – A short History of Nearly Everything

Bill Bryson basically tells you a lot of information about different topics of science related to the universe and where we currently are. The book offers all that in an easily understood language that appeals to general society. I'm convinced that you can impress some people if you're able to discuss why and how we might be here.

Consider dipping your toes in one of those books if you want more intellect. Misinformation and incompetence is often the reason of failure, though, failure isn't a bad thing as we all know. It's a chance to learn.

Anyway, consider checking out my other posts and see you next time!