Reasons you shouldn't underestimate sleep quality

Reasons you shouldn't underestimate sleep quality

Hey guys!

Three days ago, my parents purchased me a new blanket. When I googled the price, I was slightly shocked. $170 just for a blanket? Why is it such a game changer?

Normally, I sleep 7 to 8 hours and feel pretty tired in the morning. A cold shower is what usually gets me motivated to get to work, but the first night I had the new blanket, I only slept for 5-6 hours.

But the following morning surprised me.

When I awoke, I felt extremely energized. I felt fully rested and was able to get out of bed easily. The function of the blanket is to keep your body at a pleasant temperature. When it's hot summer, it still has a cold surface, but it still keeps you warm when it winters. As I expected, it was easier to fall asleep, but I wasn't anticipating my sleep quality to improve so much that I felt extremely renewed even when not getting enough sleep.

That moment of realization was a game changer for me because it was then that I truly started to understand how important sleep quality is. Nine bad hours never got close to six good hours.

You don't need an expensive blanket like me to improve your sleep quality. There are numerous other methods. And if you find a combination that works for you, then you could become a superhuman of productivity I guess because you will have so much energy in the mornings.

I'm going to provide you with a list of methods you could try, with a difficulty and effectiveness rating, so you might be able to improve your sleep after reading this. I can assure you that it will change your life.

Blue light filter

💥 Difficulty: 1/10, 📈 Effectiveness : 5/10

It is not really beneficial to look at your smartphone in the evening. I know that reading would be better, but I also understand that you are aware of that. If you feel like taking your phone to bed again, you could activate a scheduled blue light filter for your phone. The issue with blue light is that it can disrupt your sleep because your body associates it with daylight. The filter will prevent this. Don't worry about an orange screen, you will get used to it. But, as I said, I think reading is the best habit to get into/to have in bed.

Putting a tape over your mouth.

💥 Difficulty: 6/10, 📈 Effectiveness : 9/10

Yes, you heard me right,

It is not particularly healthy to breathe through your mouth, especially when you are asleep. Many doctors recommend using a small, specialized piece of tape (not the big Gaffa tape) to create a bit of resistance that holds your mouth shut. That would, logically, force you to breathe through your nose for the entire night, which is the correct and healthy way.

Most people who only breathed through their mouth while sleeping actually get less energy from the sleep because the body shockingly struggles to get air time to time. You won't snore or have a dried out mouth when you wake up, and overall, it's very beneficial for your sleep quality.

Temperature Regulation

💥 Difficulty: 8/10, 📈 Effectiveness : 7/10

Finally, one important game changer that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. There are pillows and blankets (which are expensive but worth it, trust me) that are made of a very breathable fiber. They always have a pleasant cold surface but keep you warm. Although this method may not have the best price to effectiveness ratio when compared to the previous methods, it's still relatively easy to incorporate into your life when you have the product. Compared to mouth taping, it takes less time to get used to.

There are, of course, plenty more methods to talk about, like air filters/conditioning, sleep position, and noise. I only gave some effective examples and to be honest, I want you to try one of them at least once.

The quantity of your sleep is important, yes, but you should never underestimate the quality.

I would say that quality is even more important. An argument could be made for people who have almost died in their sleep because their body was getting almost no air, and therefore, their sleep wasn't regenerating them.

As I am always stating, I am not an expert, and you should always have a healthy dose of skepticism when reading the advice I write.

Have a fantastic day, and I'm really excited to see you in my next blog!