Why I love non-fiction books: you should too!

Why I love non-fiction books: you should too!
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Hey friends,

Although I haven't been reading as much lately, I wanted to write a post about why I appreciate books, especially non-fiction. I understand that reading comics and other exciting genres like fantasy or thriller can be a real adventure, but I also want to encourage you to give non-fiction a try.

Note that when I refer to non-fiction, I'm specifically talking about self-improvement books. I'm not talking about books such as "100 facts about..." or "plant-life" that focus on providing general knowledge without an emphasis on personal growth or philosophy.

In today's world, we have more access to knowledge than ever before, but there's so much information out there that it's hard to study any one subject completely. While a browser and internet can be a decent way to acquire the most useful knowledge, I find that books provide even better information.

When it comes to gaining knowledge, watching videos or scrolling through social media or reading summaries probably won't enrich your mind as much as reading the original book. Think about it: it might take you hours to read and absorb a single book fully, but the author spent years accumulating, organizing, and expressing the knowledge they specialized in and are willing to share with you. By reading their work, you can learn from the greatest philosophers, become better at finance with the greatest entrepreneurs, or get the best general advice from the sharpest minds.

The value that a single book about finance can bring to our lives often far exceeds its price. By learning from the experiences of others, we can become more intelligent and well-rounded individuals. In fact, the simple act of reading can improve our rhetoric skills and fluency in our language, making us more effective communicators.

When we invest in a non-fiction book, we're investing in our own personal and professional development. The knowledge we gain can help us make smarter decisions, save money, and even create new opportunities for ourselves.

I often hear people complain that non-fiction books are boring. And I must admit, there have been times when I've found books on psychology or other subjects to be overly lengthy, poorly formulated, and difficult to understand. As a result, boredom sets in quickly.

However, aside from the most challenging books (such as "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman), non-fiction can be just as exciting as fiction, albeit in a different way. In my experience, no non-fiction book I've read has told a compelling story without providing me with valuable information that made me even more curious. While the narration may be neutral, the origin and value of the knowledge contained within can be incredibly exciting.

For instance, you can literally read about the thoughts and notes in a diary of a wise Roman emperor who never intended to publish his writing. Such knowledge can be incredibly liberating and even life-changing, which is why books like "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius can have a greater impact on our personal growth than even beloved novels like "Harry Potter."

Very good book I gotta say

So, don't let the misconception that non-fiction is boring stop you from exploring the incredible value and excitement that these books can offer. You may just be surprised by what you discover.

Have a good sunday :)