The power of writing speed (90wpm+)

The power of writing speed (90wpm+)
Photo by Jay Zhang / Unsplash

Hey everyone,

today, I want to inspire you to actually increase your writing speed. Typing fast is almost like a superpower, and just like reading, doing it faster is always more efficient, and by that, productive. I have an average typing speed of 110 wpm, which is pretty high on the curve.

As you can see, normally people type around 41 wpm. My friends often have their individual technique, which is already pretty efficient in most cases, and they all often reach around +60wpm. But those systems are never as good as the difficult- to-learn: touch typing.

Some reasons to start learning the most efficient system:

  • You use every finger in the most efficient way, which enables you to write at insane speeds.
  • While you write, you don't even have to look at the keyboard. Yes, actually looking everywhere, but the keyboard is easier when you properly learned touch typing.
  • Because of the last reason, focusing on what you write is a lot easier because you don't have to concentrate on where the “s” key is and instead just automatically write what you think.
  • Overall, all those reasons make this system so effective, that by constant practice and consistent implementation, you will write around 90wpm instantly.
  • Rapid typing is an excellent attribute to include in job applications. Being able to write faster makes you a more interesting employee.
  • If you're even more ambitious, optimizing your technique + consistent practice will enable you to reach 200wpm. To actually make it clear how insanely fast that is: most people can't even type wrong characters this fast.
  • Chatting on social media is also a different experience because you can “talk” a lot more than your peers.
  • Google also told me that injuries like carpal tunnel are actually less likely if you start adapting touch typing because poor technique is often a lot more stressful on your wrists.

How to learn touch typing

I recommend using a website which guides you through the different uses of your fingers. It's how I learned it, but the website I used was pretty goofy, and costs a bit nowadays. Instead, seems like a stellar website to learn touch typing.

I should add that just learning won't mean that you'll instantly use this new technique every time you get some sort of keyboard. It took me a lot of discipline to actually get used to typing without looking, and it will require you to force yourself consistently, too.

I bonus tip to add, is that you could also learn to type the numbers and symbols without looking. Learning symbols like typing brackets without looking is learnable with programming. If you code enough, then you'll write symbols without looking in no time.


concluding: give it a shot! If you're already able to type +90wpm, huge congrats. Maybe you should consider increasing your typing speed as one of your New Year's resolutions.

Thanks for reading this far, and consider checking out other posts.