3 Hacks to generate more Time

3 Hacks to generate more Time
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Hey people,

Want more spare time? The way to go is productivity. If you finish your tasks early in the day, you can still meet with friends or do something else. For most people, being productive is difficult. That's why I will share three productivity principles, or hacks, if you will, to get more results with less time.

Productive Downtime                  

When you're at work, or waiting for a bus/train (or you're inside one). When you have a spare moment at school or while you're waiting for your meal to warm up. Those 2-20 spare Minutes are powerful, and many people underestimate that. Never think: “oh, I only have x Time left, I won't be able to do anything anyway”. Even if the task is large, if you choose to be productive in that short break, instead of going on Instagram or TikTok, then you often take a lot of future work off your shoulders.

This is especially effective when you have a calendar or planner with all your tasks written down on a To-Do list. You will be able to pick a smaller task and already finish them.

Procrastination, but smart

We all procrastinate a lot, don't we? It's really hard to focus nowadays, and people regularly just plan to do their tasks on the last possible day. I won't criticize that lifestyle, I do it too, and everybody can go about their tasks how they like. But, when you have a task that you really, really don't want to do, then don't procrastinate it like usual.

Don't start going on social media or play video games instead of doing that really painful task, no. Instead, do another tasks, which isn't as bad. Maybe not even a task, but something that is actually helps you grow, like reading. For example, I do procrastinate practicing guitar often. But then instead of killing time with YouTube, I finish my homework or clean up the folders on my computer. I'm unable to do that every time, but it does help me with my productivity.

Parkinson's Law

Parkinson's Law is not related to the actual disease. It's a simple law of productivity, which states that a task stretches out to the time you give it. If you have 1 Week to do a task that is doable in a day, then you will painfully and gradually finish that task. But if you tell yourself that you only have a day to finish the task, then you will invest a lot of effort in one day but also instantly finish it.

There's a very fascinating question about explaining this further; What would you do if you had to reach your 5-year plan in 365 days?

It might be possible, but that will be a exhausting year for sure.

Maybe you could try some of those hacks yourself to get a sense of how they work. If you're confused, then you should google Parkinson's Law because I might have formulated some things wrong.

Thanks for reading. Perhaps consider checking out my other posts :)